CFNM - Classical Edition

CFNM - Classical Edition

Sunday, February 23th from 21 o'clock
BASEMENT XXV - Pulverteich 23 - 20099 Hamburg

Dominant, mostly sadistic women meet submissive, mostly masochistic men. The former appear in elegant evening gowns, the latter are nude. The men are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their preferences and merits. Elegance and sensuality determine the atmosphere, the music is mostly classical, slow and soft, but nevertheless stimulating.

5 stars

My impressions:

I already knew from his kinky "Friendly Pervs" events that the parties of Florian Herzberg from Berlin have their own charm and style. So I was all the more excited about my first CFNM party in the well-proven beautiful Basement XXV in Hamburg St. Georg. That "Closed female naked male" means that we ladies would be dressed and the bottom men would be almost naked (cockrings and other small gimmicks were of course allowed), was of course known to me. But since I normally tend towards kinky fetish parties with techno/dance sound, I was curious how such an event with classical music and stylish elegance would affect me and my desires.

Fun at Kinky Sundays Instead of sexy latex I threw myself into elegant black lingerie and a seductive evening dress with sophisticated lacing over the décolleté. In addition chic black pumps and black stockings. And it's really true that the outfit has a strong influence on how you behave and feel yourself.

As soon as I entered the Basement XXV, I was enraptured by the wonderful atmosphere of reddish lighting and cello sounds that flattered my ears and immersed everything in wonderful warmth - only a fireplace could have made everything even more perfect. After the joyful greeting of the super-wonderful bar fairies and princes (my heart always goes out), I admires the guests, very elegant ladies, who with majestic grace let the naked slaves at their feet feel the delights of mature dominance.

We exchanged friendly words, smiled at each other and I took a look at the "goods", which had some charming specimens to offer. But that evening I wasn't really in the dominant mode yet, so I let myself drift a bit, enjoyed some Prosecco and let myself float through the rooms, sometimes dancing to the music.

Then the official introduction of the slaves began, where the bravest specimens had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the ladies. I have to admit that only bottoms that also have some pride and "eggs in their pants" really appeal to me. Creeping complete self-denial without having played with me once, however, rather repels me. Thus, those bottoms who dared to show off their respective inclinations verbally in public were of much greater interest than those naked figures who shyly kept themselves in the background. I am well aware that I might have overlooked one or the other jewel at first, but the night was still quite young. Encouraging laughter and applause for those courageous specimens might have been a nice first reward.

It shouldn't be hidden that there were of course guests at this party who weren't able to read or understand the description (yes, the gentlemen were obliged to bring towels) or to whom you simply can't do it right with all love and care (the acetic facial expression wants to be cared for), but they said goodbye quite early. A friendly couple quickly realized that such a dignified event wasn't the right one, but at least they took a look at it.

The devoted, very young cellist, who played live in the hall, enchanted with his music and his very pleasant character. Had he not had other obligations, I would have made every effort to introduce him to the delights of SM. But even so I soon had the first bottom that I wanted to play with. The presentation of my selection of my long striking tools caused appreciative reactions. Since my chosen subject was not allowed to bear any traces, I chose the gentle-intensive gait. It gave me a lot of pleasure, even though I could not achieve my usual final goal, the painting of aesthetic traces and the angel's wing on the shoulder blades. So it was more a sensual togetherness than a really intensive session.

In between there were also public games with courageous (or rebellious) slaves, during which some femmes (myself of course) hit the presented asses of the bottoms with their hands and an exquisite collection of percussion tools until finally the bravest was determined. It is precisely these successful playing rounds that make Florian's parties stand out so wonderfully from the monotony.

After I had treated a sub in the upper rooms, who was afraid of the public, the evening became more relaxed and we had pleasant chats (and of course we played again and again). The lady of another very esteemed couple then invited me to play together with her her servant (whom she had decorated before with the medical stapler and needles at the chest and who had the pleasure to carry his scrotum in a spiky bag). I held myself back a little with my blows, which was also promptly noticed... which in the next passage gave me the opportunity to let my beautiful, red, handmade short whip finally really dance. The thumbs thick strokes, which bulged afterwards from its skin, gave me quite joy.

After this wonderfully elegant and sensual event was officially over, we made ourselves comfortable at the counter and chatted about SM, parties and how nice it is to get together every now and then. Afterwards I said goodbye and drove to the BKI-Kiezinternat on the Kiez with a n adorable female companion, in order to really go off again to hot techno sounds and rock that place!

If you are more into fetishistic partying, you will feel out of place here. For all those who want it elegant and sensual, a wonderful event with its own unmistakable charm; where else can you get classical live music or so lovingly conceived game rounds?

lovers gonna love - haters gonna hate