Welcome to the wild world
of Caroline R. Ubber!

Dancer - lover - fetishist - dominant - bald - sadistic - hedonisian - cuddly - sweet - crazy - kinky - pleasure-addicted - bi/pan-sexual - funky - elegant - eloquent - crazy - highly sensitive - humorous - serious - and and and and... she does not sing!

Hej, to put me into words, even a chatterbox-extrem like me has a hard time!
First of all: to have a shaved bald head is simply ultra cool! I would never have believed how sensational this feels and how people like it - hiding and being inconspicuous is no longer possible. And it is an extreme erogenous zone!

Party on!

Dancing is my life and you can always find me at bass techno events in front of the DJ or somewhere on a stage, where I let myself fall into the music and dance, dance, dance! I also love to crack the usual dress codes and be the sparkling gold piece under standard black robes.

I am also a fetishist and hedonist. Hedonist means, I like to have very intensive sex with women, men and everything in between - but that doesn't mean that I am easy to get. But if the chemistry is right, I'm especially happy when several great people have hours of intense fun.

Fetish-girlMy fetishism is especially for the wonderful squeaky shiny latex! I love to be wrapped in rubber from head to toe, the feeling is simply pure madness! I am also a Dominatrix, that means I love the sadistic-dominant game with whips, chains, electricity and much more, so I'm also very passionate in BDSM (more about this on my Dominatrix homepage

On "Traumstadt Hamburg" (Dreamcity Hamburg) I will present my favourite clubs, hot partys and later on also the hottest DJs and organizers. At some point maybe a general event calendar will follow, but first I'll just pick out the raisins - but I'm also always grateful for tips.
And those who put me on their guest list naturally increase the chance that I will drop by. But I'm not buyable ;)

And last but not least the obligatory answer to the question: Why this blog?
Because there is nothing comparable in the Hanseatic city! I just like to know in advance what a club or a party feels like and whether I can hand in my bits and pieces. Over time I will try to present more and more photos and small interviews with club operators and party makers and expand my contact network.

If I make you happy with all this, my mission will be successful!

Live the kinky live!
Caroline R. Ubber

lovers gonna love - haters gonna hate